Six Online Password Tips to Thwart Hackers

Glynda Alves of ET Bureau offers six tips on helping protect your online identity. 1. Create Strong Passwords 2. Secure Your Passwords 3. Recall Value 4. Update Your Recovery Options 5. Phone/SMS Registration 6. Check Your Settings For more details… read more

RCMP Can Intercept Cell Phone Calls and Data

CBC News reported today that there is now evidence that the RCMP can target and intercept cell phone calls and cell phone data. to read… read more

Tax Freedom Day – June 7, 2016

Wow. Not sure how accurate my math is but numbers look line we spend around 43% of our lives working to pay taxes. read more

DUI For Operating a Lawnmower While Intoxicated

The Canadian Press reported today that a 34 year old man from Niagara was charged with the unlawful operation of a lawnmower while intoxicated. read more

Priv by Blackberry

Although too many years too late Blackberry has released their Priv phone. Why are we evn talking about a Blackerry product. Well Blackberry has finally realized that their phones weren’t what caused their demise but more so the operating systems on their phones. While Apple and Samsung were building greater market share Blackberry became complacent. Apple and Samsung (Android) were building… read more

Put Out an APB for the Samsung Galaxy Note5

We know that Samsung’s money phone is the S series with the Galaxy S7 taking front stage. So if you are not inclined to go with the flow and buy an S7 where can you find a Galaxy Note5? Seems the Big name carriers have them available but their discount brand counterparts are only carrying the Galaxy S7. Of note Blackberry who has long been bumped out of the cell phone “limelight” has a mod… read more

Sony Files for Patent For Contact Lens Camera reported today that Sony has filed a patent for a contact lens camera with the patent being so specific to include animals as well as people. Read more… read more

What did FBI pay to unlock phone belonging to San Bernardino shooter.

Joon Ian Wong of Quarts reported that the FBI may have paid 1.43 million to a third party to unlock the iphone belonging to the San Bernardino shooter. For more… read more

Woman still Driving After Receiving 14 Distracted Driver Fines

The Province News reported that a Vancouver woman is still driving even after receiving 14 distracted driver fines of $167 each for using her cellphone while driving. Read… read more

Custom i5 Desktop Computer – Used – $425

Custom built desktop computer. Tower only. Specs: Intel Core i5 750 (quad core, 2.8 ghz) ASUS P7H55-M Pro motherboard 4 GB Kingston DDR3 RAM memory LG DVD drive Coolermaster 460W ATX power supply Western Digital Blue 500 GB, 7200 rpm hard drive Card Reader ASUS EAX300SE/TD/128M/A Video Card Coolermaster case Windows 7 Pro with COA(Low level formatted + Fresh install) Used. $425 obo… read more

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